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모델명 FC2250-120/180VC
방식 플렛 배드 방식디지털 서보
구동 방식 디지털 서보
용지 고정 방식 VC:진공 흡착 방식
컷 가능 범위 610 x 920 mm / 1200 x 920 mm / 1740 x 920 mm
컷 가능한 소재 마킹 필름(염화비닐/형광/반사) 샌드 블레스트 고무, 고휘도 반사 필름 외
최대 컷 속도 400 mm/s (40단계)
최대 컷 압 펜1: 4.9 N (500gf) / 펜2: 9.8 N (1kgf)
설정 가능 컷 압 펜1: 40단계(1~40) / 펜2: 40단계(2~80)
최소 문자 크기 영숫자에 10mm (모퉁이 정도, 소재, 서체에 따라 다름)
기계적 해상도 0.0025mm
프로그램 해상도 GP-GL:0.1, 0.05, 0.025, 0.01mm, HP-GL™:0.025mm
거리정도 이동량의 ±0.1% 이하 또는 0.1mm 이하가 큰 분(플로터 모드 시)
반복 정도 0.1mm 이하 (플로터/커팅 모드 시)
인터페이스 자동 전환
버퍼 사이즈 2MB
커멘드의 종류 GP-GL, HP-GL™
장착 가능 펜 수 2 본
커터/펜의 종류 커터 펜, 수성 섬유 펜, 유성 볼펜, 디스포저블 잉크 펜
LCD 표시 20문자 x 2행
정격 전원 AC100~120V 50/60Hz(1.2max), AC220~240V 50/60Hz(0.7max)
소비 전력 100W 이하
사용 환경 10~35℃ 35~75% R.H.(결로없을 것)
정도 보증 환경 16~32℃ 35~70% R.H.(결로없을 것)
외형 치수(W x D xH)mm 944 x 2068 x 1285 mm
무게(스탠드포함) 74 kg

  1. 높은 압력(1000gf)과 다양한 라인-업으로 다채로운 가공 실현

    자동 돔보 인식 시스템[ARMS]탑재에 의한 정밀 커팅 가능/사이즈, 용지의 고정 방식별로 6모델 라인-업
    폭 넓은 용도 및 소재에 대응

  2. 용지 고정 방식

    기종별로 3가지 타입의 용지 고정 방식 채택

  3. 생산성 향상의 자동 돔보 인식 시스템[ARMS 3.0]

    4점 돔보 보정 / Segment 에리어 보정 / 멀티 돔보 보정 / 돔보 마크 자동 검출

  4. 2펜 기능

    펜 교환없이 툴 변경 가능
    2종류의 툴을 동시에 장착 가능. 펜, 툴의 교환없이 연속 가공 가능

Affordable F1 HYBRID is the most advanced and the most affordable computerized matcutter, designed specifically for the custom picture framer.
Swiss precision F1's uncompromised Swiss design and engineering leads the market in superior reliability and accuracy.
Automatically change between
45° or 90° cuts
The new patent pending hybrid technology from Gunnar, allows the operator to change between beveled and straight cuts, at the click of a mouse, with no manual adjustment or interruption required.
Automatic v-grooves With the ability to cut combined v-grooves and openings in one step, there is no need for adjustment or blade change when cutting these mats. This feature also allows you to cut mass produced double mats (& v-grooves) in the one un-interrupted step.
Automatic variable blade depth Change between different thickness boards, which manually changing the cutting head, blade holder or any user interruption whatsoever!
Cut to the edge! Reduce matboard wastage with the limited ability to cut to the edge of the matboard, with no waste when cutting to the top, right hand corner of the matboard.  
Fast With a cutting speed of 500mm/second, you can cut a 16" x 20" opening in less than 8 seconds. Debossing - Two different tool-free debossing tips are included with the F1 Hybrid, which allows you to create decorative, delicate debossed shapes to enhance your mat designs.
Adjustable table angle Easily change the blade in a matter of seconds. No blade or head change required for front/back cuts, straight/bevel cuts or even different thickness materials. It's all automatic!
Sensitive clamping system The F1 HYBRID's pneumatic clamping system secures the mat firmly in place, and leaves no marks or indentations in the matboard.
Non-warp Non-warp honeycomb aluminum base board.
Two table sizes The F1 hybrid is available in 2 different sized models. The Gunnar F1-M has a table size of 36" x 48" and the F1-XL has a table size of 40" x 60".
Designed by framers for framing Intuitive design and operation, which is easy to understand for anyone with a picture framing background.
New generation microstepper motors The drive system is accurate to 0.02mm per step.

ZUND Flat Bed Cutting Plotter - G3 Digital Cuter/S3 Digital Cuter

최첨단 기술의 혁신적인 Cutting System으로 비닐, 아크릴, 가죽, 폼보드등의 다양한 소재를
특성화된 모듈과 툴 그리고 컨베어 시스템의 완벽한 구성으로 연속적인 작업에 최적인 시스템입니다.

G3 or S3. The size matters
G3 or S3. 세부구성

Sewing Template Cutting Machine
Cutting Samples
Effective Cutting Area(mm) 1000mmx900mm    1500mmX900mm
Overall Dimension 1620 X 1490 X 1060mm    2120 X 1490 X 1060mm
Cutting Materials PVC board, Acrylic board, PET board, Composite material etc..
(cardboard pattern, kraft board, ivory board etc..)
Tools Multi-function tool base, milling tool setting
Blade/Pen Mark pen, blade, Milling tool (2,3,4,6,8mm for option)
Cutting Thickness <5mm
Max. Spindle Speed 1200 r/min
Max. Cutting Speed 600mm/s
Fixing Method Vacuum suction
Repeat Precision <0.01mm
Software Resolution 0.025, 0.01 , 0.1
Command Mode HP-GL
Voltage / Power AC220 ,50HZ

Pattern Cutting Machine
Cutting Samples
Effective Cutting Area(mm) 900mmx600mm    1200mmX900mm    1500mm X 1200mm
Cutting Materials Kraft cardboard, lvory cardboard, Grey,Red cardboard, PVC sheet
Fibrous cardboard, Rubber sheet etc…
Tools Multi-function tool base, 8 set setting for pen, kiss cut, full cut
Blade/Pen Tungsten steel blade(Full cut and half cut),
Pen(Gel-ink pen, oil pen, ball pen)
Cutting Thickness <2mm
Max. Cutting Speed 1400mm/s
Fixing Method Vacuum suction
Repeat Precision <0.01mm
Software Resolution 0.025, 0.01 , 0.1
Command Mode HP-GL
Voltage / Power AC220 ,50HZ


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